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Pavel Cherdantsau and Svetlana Rudkovskaya

3 Times United States Show Dance Champions

4 Times United States Show Dance Vice Champions

3 Times World Show Dance Finalists

3rd place US 10 Dance Finalists

3 Times 3rd place Finalist Ohio Star Ball in 10 dance


Svetlana Rudkovskaya and her husband Pavel Cherdantsau, compete in ballroom dance competitions around the world. They are among the top professional ballroom dance couples in the country. Svetlana began her training at thirteen and soon began competing as part of a formation team and moved on to dancing in amateur and pro competitions. Svetlana received their Master’s degree in Ballroom Dance from Belarusian University of Culture.
They have worked in Korea, China, Belarus, as well as in many major cities in the United States. Pavel and Svetlana are 3 times United States Champions 3 times Vice-champions and 3 times World Grand Finalist in Classic Show Dance also they placed third in the Ten Dance at the US National Championship and at the Ohio Star Ball. Additionally They have trained students who placed first at the Ten Dance US National Championships and have been awarded numerous scholarships. Since 2003, they have lived and taught in Jacksonville Beach, Florida and travel weekly to teach as well as train with renowned ballroom coaches including Andrei Gaverline, Elena Kruchkova, Hanse Galke, Bryan Watson, Carmen Vincelj, Igor Pilipenchuk, and Lorraine Barry and Augusto Schiavo. In 2013 they Open Jacksonville Dance Center.

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