For centuries, men and women have expressed themselves through dance. For years, couples have fallen in love to a slow waltz and that special look. And for years to come, dancing will remain a constant expression of beauty, elegance, and emotion. We are prepared, ready, and willing to start you on the path of Ballroom Dancing. Whether you’re getting ready for prom, for your wedding, if you just want to learn to dance or you want to compete, we can and will help you.

We have had over 20 years experience as teachers.
We compete professionally world-wide in Latin and Standard as well we compete with amateurs student at Pro/Am competitions in all styles of dance and with any age.
We are available for group classes, coaching and private lessons.
Whether you are learning for a social event or interested in becoming a high level competitive dancer, we have the expertise you’re looking for.
We know dance, and we know it well.

Jacksonville Dance Center team.

Pavel Cherdantsau and  Svetlana Rudkovskaya, owners of Jacksonville dance center, compete in ballroom dance competitions around the world. They are among the top professional ballroom dance couples in the country.
Pavel and Svetlana are 3 times United States Champions, 3 times United States Vice-champions and 3 times World Grand Finalist in Ballroom Show Dance. Also they placed third in the Ten Dance at the United States National Championship and at the Ohio Star Ball.


“This dance studio is one of the BEST in Jacksonville. Pavel (Pasha) Cherdantsau and his wife Svetlana Rudkovskaya are USA Champions and World Grand Finalists. They are exquisite instructors who have an elegant style that works with all level of students from beginners to competitors. They continue to be coached themselves and pass down the latest techniques and strategies they learn to their students.They have an innate ability to know how each individual learns and tailor the lesson accordingly.I have learned so much from them in the past few years and am a better dancer because of them!!”

Candace Hodgkins

“Svetlana and Pasha are wonderful dancers and instructors! They have a passion for dancing and you can see it in their teaching. Come here to learn from the best!”

Clarissa A. DeGrafft

“Svetlana and her husband Pavel are amazing dancers and teacher. This is all they do….dance and teach, and they do it better than anyone else in Jacksonville and probably the United States. If you want to learn how to dance, don’t look any further. One lesson and you’ll know why.”

Craig Pepin-Donat

“Dance with the champs and learn from the best! Pavel and Svetlana are two of the nation’s top dancers and are excellent instructors in all styles.”

Mary K Thomas

“So professional and attentive to what every student needs in order to improve. It’s outstanding! No comparison!”

Fernanda Carolina Wells

“Dedicated teachers that care about their students!!!”

Rosemary Kristoff

“If you are looking for RESULTS then this is the best place to find high quality instructions with effective dance learning techniques and amazingly friendly team. Besides, the studio offers a wide variety of ballroom dance classes to choose from. Highly recommend!”


“Best ballroom studio in town. Not because of the physical environment, but the instructors! Never trying to rob your money, only TEACHING!!! You’ll learn A LOT from them.”

Zuya H

“Svetlana and Pasha are some of the best instructors the area has to offer.”

Anita Regler
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